Animal Adoption

Assam State Zoo invites all animal lovers to now be a partner in its efforts for conservation. We are happy to announce that one can adopt animals in the Assam State Zoo and contribute for its wellbeing.

Terams and Condition

• The Zoo authority shall reserve all rights to frame rules as when necessary regarding adoption. • The adoption is symbolic and the adopter will not have right over the animal adopted.

How to Adopt

• Choose your favourite animal/s.
• Choose the level of support from the three groups given above (A/B/C).
• Contact the Zoo authorities: Email: Phone: 8133010999
• You can also gift an adopted animal to your friends,parents or relatives and children.

Why to Adopt

The adoption programme is a novel way to show your support and care for wild animals. By adopting, you will be part of Assam Zoo's efforts in wildlife conservation. Adopting an animal is fun not only for you, but for your friends and family too. An adoption makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries etc., and is always unique. Adopt now and Show your concern towards conservation